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Powered by TC Labs, TC Crowd Insight uses proprietary natural language processing to determine how the general public feels abour a particular topic. Providing leading alpha generation, risk mitigation and precision timing tools that are simple to apply to investor trading strategies.
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New, novel analytics to support today's traders...

TC Crowd Insight uses proprietary natural language processing to determine how the general public feels about a particular topic. By scanning thousands of web-harvested, credible news, blogs and social media sources every day we can provide traders insights about the overall sentiment of a financial instrument.  This offers a refreshing, new perspective for traders to evaluate trade opportunities…
Driven by our innovation unit TC Labs, our sentiment data feed powers TC Crowd Insight and applies classifications in real-time, while maintained by a team of dedicated professionals. Classifications can include currency, indices, stocks, economic indicators, events, people and more! Our AI models were trained on a large, diverse corpus of news, conversational and narrative datasets to capture nuance in written language. 

Three innovative indicators...

Unique insight into how the crowd feels about a financial instrument, ranging from “very positive” (1) to “very negative” (-1).
This analytic shows how rational or irrational the crowd's opinion of an entity is.
The confidence score uses the total volume of news evidence to determine how much weight the sentiment score should carry.

While Trading Central's powerful automated natural language processors are busy crunching thousands of articles in the background, the output is simple, approachable and actionable. Here's a quick look at just a few of the great analytics available to your investors when you give them Buzz:
Buzz Meter: The volume of chatter on an asset.
The Split of professional news to social mentions.
Ranking of the "Most discussed topics".
Content feeds collecting recent discussions.
Buzz isn’t just informative— It’s visually stunning. Its cutting edge design and mobile friendly layout is a perfect fit for your platform or mobile app and can help you offer dynamic experiences that rival the online expectations set by other industries. With TC Market Buzz, your customers gain so much more than just the numbers. They get interactive data visualizations proven to stimulate engagement and increase session duration by as much as 65% (Honeybooks) !
TC Market Buzz is available within a variety of hosted, responsive, white-labeled solutions, as well as a developer-friendly API, so you can expedite your launch while crafting a unique experience for your investors with our data.
Asset coverage: Over 35,000 stocks, 50 indices, 330 forex pairs, and 60 commodities.
Event detection: More than 300 types of events such as earnings, dividend, and price movement.
Media coverage: 2,500+ news publications, 2,000+ blogs and social media channels, and Dow Jones Newswires.
Languages: Currently available in English & French.

Finding & Monitoring Investment Ideas

1. Welcome to the dashboard!
Here, you have a full view of all the financial instruments being discussed online... The larger the bubble, the more "chatter" there is on that topic. The colour of the circle indicates the overall sentiment for that instrument.

Hover over any instrument bubble for a more detailed view.
2. Explore different asset classes!
TC Crowd Insight helps you explore the sentiment surrounding stocks, currency pairs, commodities and indices.

Use the tabs at the top to find the right instruments for you.
3. Find detailed research.
Once you've clicked on an instrument of interest, you'll find yourself on the research page. Here, you will find the dashboard of Sentiment analytics

Click between the News & Sentiment tab for a better overview of the financial instrument. News analytics are apart of our AI newsdesk, TC Market Buzz.
4. Sentiment Indicators & Analytics
View the Sentiment, Subjectivity & Confidence indicators to get an overview of how the public feels about an instrument. The Sentiment History graph shows how the overall sentiment score relative to the instruments stock price, indicated by the white line on the graph.

Supporting Investment decisions through innovation.

Our dynamic product suite fuses expert analyst research with patented pattern recognition and insightful analytics, and is trusted by 20+ million provisioned accounts globally.
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