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Premium news analytics to support investors.

At Trading Central Labs our mission is to continually rethink digital wealth management and improve how today’s investors and advisors consume data, by creating concise analytics that are simple to understand and easy to apply to investing strategies. 

Our AI model FELIX uses natural language processing, machine learning and sophisticated statistical models to accurately extract entities from within massive volumes of structured and unstructured text. Using this model, we can easily source relevant news content to investors eliminating the noise and analyzing how popular news is shaping the market. 

TC Labs’s NewsFeeds applies classifications in real-time and are maintained by a team of dedicated professionals. Classifications can include currency, indices, stocks, economic indicators, events, people and more! We’ve trained our own proprietary algorithms and perfected metadata tags on millions of articles, making market moving events now easily identifiable. 

Backed by twenty years of industry leading experience at Trading Central, our proficiencies span:

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Bayesian Inference
Statistical Analysis
Predictive Analytics

Driving innovation instantly.

TC Labs Newsfeed powers research tools like TC Market Buzz, which provides an engaging modernization to the dusty feeds scattered across today’s financial platforms, helping investors read less, but know more. We've also released a version of TC Market Buzz specific to the China region, supporting investors globally.

Investors can use this data to help them find new trade opportunities, optimize the right time to buy/sell, follow the discussion early and make informed investment decisions.

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